Anal Sex Videos and Your Options

Anal, a subject less and less taboo and more and more tried, whether it is to stimulate the male prostate, or women who want to discover the sensations whether with a butt plug or a tail, to live new experiences.

Before, we can say that anal was more taboo and we talked about it a lot less than other subjects, for example facial ejaculation or sex in unusual places. What made anal so mainstream? Porn of course, but also the openness and curiosity of people, especially my generation, who grew up with porn and more serious sex shows where we only talked about the most taboo subjects, so that helped demystify it all. At the JAV pornhub you can now get the best deal.

The pleasures of anal

Different stimulation

We already know that in men, anal stimulation can increase orgasm and even ejaculation tenfold, but what about in women? Although different, the stimulation can be increased tenfold in women too, for example by masturbating or having a relationship while wearing a butt plug, or even a double penetration which makes the orgasm much more powerful.

The role of porn in anal

For people of my generation, this was something we discovered during our teenage years, during our visits to porn sites. We remember in high school, we had my best friend with whom we could talk about everything and who confided in me that she rarely said that she loved sodomy since girls judged her because it was bitchy to get fucked. ass. Of course, we were young and we were in high school, so he had bitcheries, but the subject was taboo even among adults. For more than 10 years (see 15!), Anal has become something much more common and people have started to get excited about the practice, whether thanks to pornstars here like Vandal Vyxen or Kelly Summer,or the queen of anal Sasha Gray who she made discover the hardcore of the thing by making double see triple anal!

Well done, it’s so exciting

I’m not here to give tips on how to have anal sex well, we know all the tips and the patience that it takes, but one thing is certain is that when it’s done well, it’s fucking good! As much for the man as the woman, and in addition it allows really dirty things, like being able to go out with your girlfriend or your sex friend and know that she has a butt plug well inserted in her buttocks while you walk, and to know that later it’s going to be pretty hot, because yeah, it turns her on to walk around with it, otherwise she wouldn’t.

There is good anal porn in Quebec

Quebec porn! It has everything and there is a really Girl Next Door look to it and we love it! It’s raw, it’s perverse, it’s good! That’s why we decided to go with my personal top 4 anal video, because it’s exciting to see a woman having a hard time getting fucked in the ass.

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