The Perfect Webcam for your Choices Now

The webcam is a multimedia item of great importance in the digital age. Previously restricted to PCs, when it should be purchased separately, today it is already embedded in most cases from smartphones to tablets.

But if you have decided that you need to buy a webcam, another problem comes up: in view of so many models and brands, which one to choose?

Below, we will present some important aspects that must be taken into account when purchasing a webcam, so that your choice is not so difficult. As you visit, you can have the best choice.

What is a Webcam?

A webcam is nothing more than a special type of camera for transmitting voice and video, via the internet, in real time.

It started to gain popularity, because, in addition to having an inviting price, there was the growth of video platforms like Youtube and instant communication tools, like the old MSN or Skype.

With it, it is possible to make video calls anywhere with an internet connection, even by corporations that need to hold conferences with employees or employees at a distance. Yes, a marvel of modern times.

How to Choose a Webcam: First Considerations

Some aspects must be taken into account, such as: Sensor (color, CCD and size); Resolution (number of pixels); Speed ​​(image size); Balance (white balance of the image); Focus (whether it is automated or manual); Weight; Setting up your PC or notebook.

Advanced Aspects in Choosing a Webcam

Frames per second

It stands for FPS Frames per Second or literally frames per second. The logic is: the higher the number of FPS, the greater the constancy of the video without those famous “gagging” when viewed. The minimum frame recommendation is 10 to 12 FPS.


This accessory will be useful for those who want to have video conferences or quick video calls. If so, you should purchase a webcam model with a microphone attached.

Webcam creative


The webcam can still work disconnected from the computer and serve to take photos or make short videos 70 seconds, more or less although of inferior quality than a digital camera. However, it is an advantage for the user who does not yet have a conventional machine for these functions. Some even contain removable image cards, so you can download the material on any medium.

Image resolution

This is another important aspect to consider when purchasing a webcam. This is because the resolution is the number of pixels that make up the image, that is, it is a detail directly related to the quality of the video. The minimum acceptable should be 800 x 600.

We must always remember that the webcam is a plug & play device and, therefore, you just need to connect it to your USB port so that it is already configured automatically, for your comfort.

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