The Sexual Stimulus With the Deepfakes

In the field of sexuality, there are fantasies that, when we have the opportunity to make it a reality, constitute a big change in our sexual habits: threesome, group sex, bisexuality, multiple partners, etc. Like everywhere else, a radical shift in our habits tends to shake up our life. Personal experience and the observation of others have taught me that one can then go through six stages. We can say, because we have plenty of time to stop or give up at each step. They are:

The Fantasy

This is when you have a sexual scenario that often comes up in your imagination during your sex and / or masturbation sessions. This is the phase of curiosity, in which you realize that you would like to experience this kind of situation. But for that to happen, you have to have an opportunity presented to you on its own or you have to actively seek it, otherwise you will not go beyond this stage. As you look for the Daisy Ridley deepfake you can get all the stimulation from right there about such hot video.

The opportunity

An opportunity to live out your sexual fantasy has just presented itself to you. Now comes the moment of truth: You can accept it or take the time to think about it. But remember this: If you choke and let her go, she might never come back. When it comes to unique occasions, there is rarely a next time.

The Realization

You did it, but it was a bit strange. You are a little disappointed because things did not go quite as you imagined. Or yes, it lived up to your expectations, but it was you who were uncomfortable in this situation because it was so new. From there, the rest is up to you. You can do it again later to see if it goes better this time. Just like you can stop there and remember this sexual experience as your one and only.

Make It a Lifestyle

You decided to do it again and it turned out better. This time you were more comfortable with the situation, more comfortable with your sexuality. You do it again and every experience is magical. You feel well. You feel free. You feel fulfilled. You therefore have the choice between continuing forever, or stopping before living the next step which is.

After some time of living your sexual fantasies, you have an annoying feeling that things have changed. It’s not really as fun as it used to be. The charm of novelty is gone. The magic of the moment is no longer there. The attitudes of the people you do it with have also changed. Is it the routine that sets in? Is it the fact that it’s not so fun after all? Is it because it has unforeseen repercussions in your life? In any case, whatever the reason, things are not the same. You start to wonder if you are really meant for this kind of sex life. You can continue. After all, sex is sex, and even though it’s lost its extraordinary side, it’s still good. Or, you can end with.

The Return to Normal

No more fantasies, you return to the good old traditional couple. You have no regrets because you lived your fantasies, you had your fun, but it’s now over and part of your past.

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